The Client

Addvision, formerly VisopGroup, is a group of companies in the pharmaceutical sector. The group is present in 5 European countries, and provides equipment for ophthalmology professionals.

The Challenge

Addvision mandated Digitag for multiple reasons:
1. The near disappearance of congresses during the COVID-19 crisis caused a decrease in the number of business opportunities for the group.

2. Having recently merged, the Addvision Group companies needed to centralize the marketing tools used within the group.

3. A challenge of image standardization was to be done.

The Answer

Launch of lead generation campaigns on:

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Unification of the Digital presence:

  • Creation of a complete playbook
  • Creation of landing pages, visuals, and tone of voice for lead generation campaigns

Centralization of Marketing Automation tools:

  • Implementation of a marketing automation and sales opportunity management tool, in 4 countries, in a standardized and centralized way
  • Implementation of automations in connection with lead generation campaigns

The Results

Implementation of the marketing automation tool in the 4 countries concerned in just one month.
800% increase in the average number of leads per month.

1 month
to implement the marketing automation tool in the 4 countries concerned.
more web leads per month

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