Huble Acquires Digitag!

June 6, 2023
Tony Mance
3 minutes read
June 6, 2023
Tony Mance
3 minutes read
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We are thrilled to announce an exciting development in our journey as Digitag. After careful consideration and extensive exploration, we have decided to join forces with Huble, a renowned global leader in the digital marketing and sales industry. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for us, opening up endless possibilities for growth, expansion, and enhanced services for our valued clients.

This strategic move expands Huble Digital's global presence, complementing its existing operations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and South Africa.

Why Huble? 

When considering potential partners, we knew that finding the right match was essential. Huble's global presence, expertise, and commitment to client success made them the perfect fit. Their dedication and approach to HubSpot CRM aligned perfectly with our values and goals. We were particularly impressed by Huble's track record of empowering businesses of all sizes all over the globe and its remarkable ability to leverage data-driven strategies for exponential growth.

As one of the largest HubSpot Solutions Providers globally, Huble Digital now officially employs over 175 professionals. Their commitment to excellence is further exemplified by being the first to achieve accreditation for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security compliance across all six of their international business locations.

Shared Goals and Vision

Yamini Rangan, the Chief Executive of HubSpot, applauds the continued growth of Huble Digital as a valued HubSpot Partner. She expresses her delight when key partners join forces to cater to customers worldwide. 

Huble Digital serves as an outstanding example of scaling an international consulting business to support HubSpot customers wherever they may be. Congratulations are extended to Huble Digital on this acquisition, and a warm welcome is extended to Digitag as they join the Huble Group.

Chair of the Board of Directors of Huble Digital Group, Bob Dearsley, emphasizes the significant value that Digitag brings to the Huble Group through its French language support. 

With native speakers of French, German, and English, Huble Digital possesses substantial capabilities to cater to its international clients. This includes supporting clients in building new websites, developing comprehensive international sales and marketing programs, and extending their reach in international HubSpot training and consulting services.

Maxime Charbit, the Managing Director of the newly integrated Digitag, enthusiastically highlights the opportunities presented by joining Huble Digital Group. The integration allows for an expansion of their business in the BeNeLux region and France. Moreover, it enhances their service portfolio, providing more in-depth HubSpot support to their customers worldwide. 

With Huble Digital adding over 150 professionals to their team, Digitag's in-house capabilities now stand unrivalled in Europe.

The Road So Far

Digitag's journey began in 2014 in Brussels with a team of ambitious individuals eager to make an impact in the digital world. Over the years, we have grown into a team of 15 specialists recognized for our expertise in growth marketing, designing digital strategies, implementing CRM and marketing automation tools, and launching successful digital ad campaigns.

We have built a reputation as a HubSpot Expert agency, working with top-tier companies to enhance their sales and marketing efforts through inbound strategies and automation. Our emphasis on creativity, technology, marketing, and data has allowed us to leverage the power of data-driven insights for exponential growth.

By joining forces with Huble, we are stepping into an exciting new chapter of growth and collaboration. With Huble's extensive resources and global reach, we will be able to better support our clients around the world, including English, German, and now French-speaking businesses.

Moreover, the acquisition of Digitag will enable Huble to expand its service offerings and provide our clients with a broader range of specialized support. We are thrilled to have Maxime Charbit, Managing Director of Digitag, join Huble's Board and lead the French-speaking department, ensuring a seamless transition and continued excellence in serving our clients.

Looking Ahead

The future is bright as we embark on this journey with Huble. Together, we will continue to empower businesses and drive remarkable results. We remain committed to our core values of creativity, technology, marketing, and data, with data serving as the driving force behind our growth strategies.

We express our deepest gratitude to our clients, partners, and the incredible team at Digitag for their unwavering support. With Huble by our side, we are confident that our collective expertise and shared vision will propel us to new heights, providing exceptional value and innovative solutions to our clients worldwide.

To conclude, we are excited about the opportunities ahead and the positive impact we can make together. We invite you to join us on this journey as we redefine the boundaries of sales and marketing and create a future where businesses thrive.

Excited for the future?

Now under the Huble umbrella we are able to amplify our services to better serve our clients.