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We have heard for years about digital transformation but what is it all about?

It's a change required by the market so it’s fair to say that the end goal of a digital transformation is mostly about the customer himself. Transforming your business can be scary especially when we know that the majority of them fail. Causes are numerous such as bad technology choice, data management, lack of process structure or simply organisational challenges due to change management. At DIGITAG, we won’t do magic but we can definitely help you setting-up the right technical environment with an appropriate customer relationship management and automation system.

"Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies (...) to meet changing business and market requirements."
Let us explain

Getting a CRM is not an option anymore. You need an enriched database and a technological tool allowing to segment, automate and personalise interactions. This is the only way to share the right information at the right time to satisfy the customer throughout his entire lifecycle. But depending on your industry, your business model and your budget, you might go for one CRM or the other. There are various solutions on the market. It goes from very niche solutions to market leader. We have summed them up on the graph below.

What should a good CRM bring you to boost your marketing &  sales process? 

First and foremost, make sure you can have total visibility on your contacts, companies & deals, transverse to the company. Then, you should have clear visibility on your pipelines. Then, you need to log as many sales activities automatically including all your customer interactions whether it’s a call, an email, across social media or website visit. To capture these events, the CRM will have to sync with your different channels. Make sure it’s the case. Finally, you should be able to see all the interactions for every single lead on an organised timeline. 

This is why we make a real difference between a sales CRM and marketing software that is fully integrated with your sales CRM. That’s how you bridge the gap between marketing and sales. That’s how you allow your marketing team to be at the service of your sales team. That’s how you make the link between marketing & sales actions. That’s how you measure ROI and improve the cost of marketing and sales.

Let us explain

Transforming your organisation into a digital business can be overwhelming. The set-up or migration process can be very time-consuming and complex but this doesn’t have to be the case. It depends on the solution you are considering initially but also on the process. 

First, make sure that you are prepared for such an operation. It means giving yourself the necessary time by planning availability in the team’s calendar. The preparation phase also consists in organising your data to be imported making sure everything is labelled correctly. 

Once the data is migrated to your new CRM, you will have to integrate with other tools like your website, your forms, email service, social media, ads account, etc. Or even more using APIs. Like this, you will be able to track all your customers' interactions automatically. This is crucial to get the most of your new CRM.

The next step is to test that everything is running smoothly from a marketing, sales and customer services point of view. It’s time to spot the eventual errors, the performance of every single feature and whether all the data is correctly organised.

Getting used to a new CRM can take some time so it might be a good thing to rely on external support especially as your teams will have to learn how to use their new toys. Sorry, their new tools! The CRM editor usually provides some basic instructions, courses and even certifications. Alternatively, you can also turn to a specialised agency who can provide their expertise. At DIGITAG, we have been working with many CRM migrations and we love to share the learnings we have accumulated through the years. So don’t hesitate to reach us!

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Your sales team can't find the right info on your client's in a second when having them over the line? They lose too much time as they manually create their sales reporting or encode their prospection notes? There is a gap between marketing, sales and support in terms of managing the customer flow of information? Digitag can help you with your CRM & Marketing automation software to make your life a bit easier.
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