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To identify our target customer in the first place, we have heard for years about the buying personae and that's for sure a great tool to define their demographics, in other words, who they are. But we recommend going a step further and digging also into the psychographics to understand why they buy through subjective data like belief systems, values, goals, and attitudes. By doing so, we can better target our customers through the most appropriate channels.

"The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market “lives” on the web."
Wayne Davis
Let us explain

Finding the right communication channel can be hard. New media are appearing all the time as technology enables richer interactions. Every day there are more and more options to promote your product and getting the combination is not an easy task.

Is traditional media relevant for you? Should you rather focus on social media or use programmatic platforms? Can you rely on third party ambassadors? Are search engines still a viable option today? Your media mix will have to evolve and adapt during the overall customer journey. Now the question is how do you select your channels?

At DIGITAG, we conduct a permanent market watch to compare every option so that we can guide you through this process. We categorise the different channels based on several variables. 

  1. The product complexity: is the product you are trying to sell complex or simple? In other words, do you need to provide a lot of explanation to make people understand the essence of your offer or is the value proposition pretty obvious? 
  2. The intent vs discovery: are your customers actively searching for a solution or not particularly?  
  3. The cost: what is the available budget? Note that there is often a trade-off to make between money required and time required. Depending on your situation, you might be struggling more with one than the other.
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Once we have shortlisted the main channels, our goal is to start testing and measuring the return on investment for each single channel. This is also when we start integrating different media together to create a multi-channel approach.

Let us explain

The very first step to create a connection with potential customers is to genuinely help them solve some of their problems.

In order to do so, we promote special content to our audience so that we can start building a relationship and retarget them afterwards. As soon as a content has to be downloaded or exchanged against contact information, it becomes what we call a lead magnet.

The leads are then integrated into your database so that you can directly get in touch with them through email from now on. Note that depending on the business model, this can also be done with a combination of outbound efforts where we advertise by pushing the information to your specific audiences.

The format of a lead magnet can vary from blog articles or video masterclass to chatbots or more complex engineered marketing among many others. It has to be adapted to both your business goals and audience. No matter the selected format, it has to comply with a few prerequisites to make sure you don’t push the wrong content.

Digitag Attract Magnet
  1. TARGETED to your persona to make sure you attract the right people. 
  2. SCARCE by providing a unique perspective as nobody wants to read generalities.
  3. DIGESTIBLE and easy to consume no matter the format. 

Even if you comply with these prerequisites, it doesn’t mean you will have it perfect right away. We can share best practices and give our best gut feeling at DIGITAG but we can’t read the future yet. What we can do though is to track the engagement with your content and A/B test to optimise your lead generation.

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As a Media and HubSpot agency, we have always been true servants of inbound marketing as paying it forward has always been in our DNA. Yes we do believe in Karma! As passionate marketers, we have always given before knowing how to receive. This is how we formed relationships and became close to our customers.
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