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Marketing Automation is a piece of cake nowadays, as long as you know how to do it...

Whether you want to increase lead generation, or customer retention, you can’t be competitive with a manual process. Automation increases the amount of qualified leads by 5 and the sales pipeline by 10% on average. Last but not least ⅔ companies are outperforming competitors with help from marketing automation. But where do we start with anyway? We need to understand first the concept of Revenue Operations before jumping into marketing automation.

"Half of the companies out there are now using marketing automation."
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At some point of maturity, you start to automate your tasks and workflows for your marketing, sales and customer success processes. These three roles used to act in silos but with the evolving technologies, we must now integrate them altogether to get the most out of automation. This is what we call Revenue Operations also known as RevOps. Building the right operational model to make sure that you optimize your revenues.

If your company aims for sustainable growth, strong operational foundations will be vital. These operations include touchpoints all along the customer journey from first contact to closed deal and aftersales. 

At Digitag, we help businesses bridge the gap between marketing, sales and customer services. It’s all about how we can optimise the overall revenues in the long run. The first step is to consider the customer journey as a priority and setting up the right tools and processes within a customer centric vision. Having this 360 vision of the customer has become a huge advantage to both fluidify the customer experience, lower costs and increase revenues. It’s also a prerequisite to start automating your operations.

Let us explain

More than 1 out of 2 companies are currently using marketing automation. We could define it as using software to automate repetitive tasks to gain efficiency and to provide a more personalised experience to customers. For example, by integrating and structuring all the data from sales and marketing actions within a CRM, we can automate many time consuming tasks.

In the event that a customer is identified as being in search of a specific product or service, we know he visited a product page recently. But he also downloaded an ebook, read several blog articles about the topic, opened the last newsletter and discussed with the chatbot. All these data points when summed up allow us to qualify the customer as highly interested and trigger automated actions. A first email will be addressed to the customer with a proposition to meet with a salesperson for a demo or a first introduction. All this process can be automated so that it saves time and energy for your team.  

Another scenario could be sending a survey automatically to the customer 3 months after the purchase to assess his satisfaction. If the feedback is not good enough, a meeting is scheduled automatically with the salespeople so that you have the opportunity to rectify this. 

As a Media and Hubspot agency, we are accompanying organisations in their automation efforts. We put in place customer profiling, lead scoring, automated personalised emails to support lead nurturing and customer engagement.

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Did you know that automation starts at sorting your email automatically for more focus ? The use of your automation is the key, not how you put it in place!
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