The Client

uLaw is a marketplace that connects businesses and individuals with the best lawyers for any type of legal need. You have a legal need, register on uLaw and you will receive 3 quotes from specialised lawyers. You are a lawyer, register on the platform and receive contract proposals.

The Challenge

The challenge of this type of model is called the chicken and egg dilemma. You have to attract both audiences to the platform while controlling the acquisition intensity of each audience to ensure the optimal customer experience. To control the acquisition of these two audiences, you have :
- To be able to track the behaviour of your visitors on their buying journey and offer them the most efficient and personalised digital experience possible.
- On the other hand, have the ability to generate qualified traffic to constantly bring in new clients and lawyers to satisfy both audiences at the same time.

All this, in an Inbound Marketing approach in order to spend the least amount of media budget.

The Answer

Thanks to Hubspot, we have :
Implemented a CRM tool for the sales team. Formerly on Pipedrive, we helped them migrate to Hubspot.
Connected the uLaw platform to Hubspot in order to track visitors' behaviour on the site and offer them content adapted to their searches.
Automated most of the sales processes

On the Marketing side :
Google Adwords in order to generate qualified traffic, we opted for a main acquisition channel.
Emailing (lead nurturing): When a prospect leaves his email address on the platform, it is for a reason!
Social Media advertising: When a prospect interacts with the brand but does not yet leave its email address, it is essential to use the social media platforms to retarget the visitor via retargeting campaigns and propose him qualitative content to incentivize him to complete the actions he started.

The Results

Leads for 1.5 months of campaign
Demands from justicies for 1.5 months of campaign
Cost per client

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