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Converting a lead into a customer is a big win but keeping this customer on the long term is the real deal!

Focusing on the impression your customers have of your company is key for a sustainable business. A positive customer experience creates loyalty, retains customers longer and is a fertile soil for brand advocacy. How much value do you bring to them in their experience? How good can you avoid friction to retain them longer? It all starts with two major touchpoints: people and products.

"Customer retention is the new conversion."
Let us explain

The main preoccupation right now for many businesses is the customer experience. At the end of the day customers will spend more for a great experience. The customer experience includes every single touchpoint they might have directly or indirectly with your company. We might not help you for every single one of them, but we can make sure you have the right set-up in order to avoid friction and provide the most value to your customers online.

Depending on your business model, you will have to define clearly what are the strategic actions to properly delight your customers. The priority is to be aware very rapidly once a client is not satisfied or if he is about to churn for any other reasons. There are ways to monitor that, such as sending customer surveys at the right moment. For instance, if the client is used to placing an order every month, if it doesn’t contact you 2 months in a row, it is a massive trigger for sending a NPS score survey or even to automatically add  a task to the account management team to get in touch with the client. There are plenty of options to make sure that your customers can experience the full value of your product and services. 

As a Media and Hubspot Agency, we build delighting inbound strategies to ensure that your customers are happy, satisfied, and supported through their whole life cycle. This includes incorporating dedicated chatbots and surveys to support, and request feedback from your customers at the most critical moments in their journey. By implementing the right CRM and marketing automation software you will be able to help your customers at all times and never miss another opportunity to delight them and eventually turn them into brand advocates and promoters.

Let us explain

No need to say that it costs way more to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing one. But here is the thing: humans are lazy. And most of your customers are probably humans. So you need to create an experience that is a no-brainer so that these lazy humans don’t have to think too much. Making your customers' lives smoother can be a tricky process as we are really digging deep into behavioral science. To cut a long story short you can follow these steps.

  1. Map the most important habits you would like your customer to take. What are the crucial steps that make your customer adopt your product in the long run? 
  2. Start small. The major mistake is to overwhelm your customer expecting too much from him. Remember they are lazy humans! 
  3. Help in hard moments. There might be obstacles in the way. Show empathy and provide them a second chance to re-engage. Momentum is crucial.  
  4. Make it personal. The broader your product, the more use cases you will face. You don’t want to provide the exact same messages to very different customers. 
  5. Nurture this relationship. Make sure that you never forget customers even for the power users. Upselling is not rocket science but it’s all about timing (once again). 
  6. Incentivise word of mouth for your power user. How to make sure your best customers advocate for your brand?

As we can see, retaining customers is all about continuously onboarding them. And this is mostly a matter of getting the right timing. Every customer journey will be unique and your approach should be tailored on what they have done so far and what they should from now on. As a Media and Hubspot agency, we have seen a huge increase in demands for automating this whole process.

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Note that you shouldn’t be looking for the magic trick to solve it all. There are no such things. It’s all about building a tailored media mix and adapting the tools to your specific needs. We are not magicians but do have quite a good experience with improving customer experience as an agency.
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