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Transforming visitors into customers is the real deal today. But it’s not as simple as that.

There is a long way to go between the first date and wedding. You need to engage and build a solid relationship. This level of engagement will define the maturity of your lead and their willingness to buy. Our job as a Media and Hubspot agency is to create the best journey to move your leads forward and ultimately convert them into customers.

"It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion than by doubling your traffic."
Jeff Eisenberg
Let us explain

As soon as you have a new contact in your database, you should be starting to engage him/her. How to do so ? Well, let’s say the prospect clicked on an ad or searched on Google for a specific topic, found an article and converted by downloading an eBook.  This prospect demonstrates an interest in the subject, but this doesn't mean he is ready to buy yet! And that’s the main mistake companies are making on and on ! 

Working on unqualified leads is just damaging the experience the prospect will have with your product or service and therefore your company. Plus, your sales team starts barking at your marketing team…

Thanks to technologies such as CRM & Marketing automation softwares, we connect your website, your database, your marketing channels and the sales CRM altogether to have a centralised and 360° view of the prospect interactions within your digital ecosystem. 

With such a technological stack, you can adapt the way to interact and engage your prospect by personalising interactions and sending the right info, at the right time on the right channel, to make your prospect go forward in its journey. And at some point, he will be ready to buy. 

In this phase, we will make  use of landing pages, emailing, retargeting advertising, forms, chatbots, live chat and we will automate as much as possible the actions in order to make your marketing win a lot of time and offer a personalised experience to your customers. 

This being said, one of the main challenges in the “engagement phase” is the conversion rate ! It is always a matter of tweaking small things fast, to improve the % of prospects that would convert on a website, landing page or email campaign. Experimentation is key to learning.

Let us explain

Marketing and sales have been working in silos for too long and still today they are too often misaligned. As business is becoming more and more digital, the trend today is to make them collaborate even more to achieve growth altogether. Indeed they are much more than the sum of their parts.  The main difference is that marketing handles leads higher up in the funnel, whereas salespeople focus on the bottom half of the funnel. So they definitely complement each other but the challenge is how to ensure a smooth handover? And how marketing teams may be at disposal of the sales team for creating the right content pieces based on customers questions, interrogations & needs, as well as to pushing that content at the right moment for the prospects. 

Once a lead has engaged with a piece of content or gave us his email address through a lead magnet for example, he will reach a specific score (lead scoring) until he is considered as a qualified lead. Automatically, the lead is sent to the sales team and it triggers a new workflow (automation). A deal is created in the sales pipe (CRM) and assigned to a sales person. Automatically, a task is created for him and a mail is sent to the lead with a calendar link for a demo. So basically, everything is automated until the sales meeting which can save a huge amount of time in terms of prospecting. The same workflow can also store all the historical data about a specific lead’s level of engagement within the CRM.

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Since 2014, we have been coping with all kind of jobs that a marketing agency can face. Today, if there is one thing we master, it's to align all the teams with a common vision around the customer funnel. Making it move from one step to another.
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