The Client

MyWay Pro is a subsidiary of the D'Ieteren Auto Group which aims to develop the group's used car sales activity.
MyWay is a B2C used cars marketplace.
MyWay Pro, the B2B branch, aims to source and resell used cars to B2B car dealers. A platform exclusively accessible to B2B car dealers has been launched to offer the best used cars buying experience.

This case focuses on a specific mission for MyWay Pro.

The Challenge

The challenge of this mission was to find out which acquisition channels were and will be the most promising and profitable to reach and convince B2B car dealers to buy their vehicles via the MyWay Pro platform.

Our mission : Generating B2B leads and experiment the most effective acquisition channels in terms of volume and conversions.

The Answer

Provide a digital acquisition strategy to test the two biggest markets and to pilot lead generation advertising campaigns on several acquisition channels.
We suggested to activate different channels which we then analysed to provide a detailed report that determined the growth strategy for the coming years.

For each of the channels, we tested several visual contents in different formats, several messages, several audiences, several placements on the platforms. We also adapted the ads according to the stages of the customer journey with content and messages adapted to each stage.

The Results

These campaigns provided critical intelligence for MyWay Pro's evolution to appropriately invest their media budget in the years to come. We've found big differences in performance between the two countries! We therefore recommended customer acquisition strategies adapted to the markets and cultures.

In terms of data (for what we are allowed to share).

New clients over a period of 2 months

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