What the heck Is Conversational Marketing? And are there any benefits?

November 2, 2022
Tony Mance
5 minutes read
November 2, 2022
Tony Mance
5 minutes read
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There’s a lot of noise out there. Brands are fighting for attention and attempting to break through the marketing clutter. In order to be heard, brands need to find ways to connect with their audience on a more personal level. 

With conversational marketing, brands can create a two-way communication channel with their audiences. This has numerous benefits and has become the new way of marketing in today’s world of social media, chatbots, and artificial intelligence. 

Let’s look at some of the advantages of conversational marketing and the ways you can implement it in your business.

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is a marketing strategy in which brands communicate with their customers in a two-way fashion. It is a marketing strategy that focuses on the customer journey and an open, ongoing dialogue. This is accomplished via a variety of channels, including live chat, SMS, AI-powered bots, and social media. It can also take the form of newsletters and content marketing. 

Conversational marketing is the next marketing step. It’s an evolution from digital marketing, which is still prevalent today. Sending out messages and hoping for a response is what digital marketing is all about, but as such it's limited to a one-way channel of communication. This is where conversational marketing comes in, making it a two-way  mutual conversation with the emphasis on the customer.

What are the benefits of conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is a great way to interact with customers. It can be used to solve customer problems, get feedback from customers, and build brand loyalty.

Solving customer problems

When your product or service solves a user's problem, you build trust in that person. If they have a problem with something on your website or app and tell you about it through a conversational medium such as emails or chatbots, they will have confidence that their concerns will be addressed quickly and efficiently by the appropriate authority, and it will also demonstrate that you care about their problems.

Getting feedback from customers

Customers are constantly informing us of their opinions. If you have the opportunity for them to provide feedback using conversational tools such as live chats, voice recordings, or even emails, there is no reason not to take advantage of it because it gives us insight into how we can improve our product/services based on firsthand usage experiences. According to research, this type of data accelerates innovation faster than any other type of data available today! The key here isn't just gathering data on what works best for users, but also understanding why those results are so successful. Investigating why people made certain decisions on various topics such as pricing strategy, convenience factor, and so on could help you drive your business forward.

Creating a personalised brand experience

Another advantage of conversational marketing is that it allows you to create a personalised brand experience. You’ll be able to build strong relationships with your customers by having two-way communication with them. This allows you to learn more about them and what they need. You can use this knowledge to personalise your brand experience. You can create more personalised content, such as emails, newsletters, and more. You can also create personalised offers based on what you’ve learned about your customers. It’s important to make it clear to your customers that you’re tailoring their experience based on their needs and desires. That way, they’ll feel as though you really care about them as individuals and their needs.

How to implement conversational marketing in your business

Given that conversational marketing can be a powerful and versatile tool for increasing conversions, improving customer service, and gathering feedback from customers. Here are some ideas you can use in your business.

Use Bots

Use bots to boost conversions by making it simple for customers to find what they're looking for on your website or mobile app. Bots can also help manage social media accounts so you don't have to manage all of those posts yourself; as an added bonus, they'd do it faster than any employee could.

Marketing Automation

Improve customer service by providing automated responses or recommendations based on previous brand interactions (or even general knowledge). This could include providing instructions on how to use an item, such as "which batteries go where in the device," or even suggesting products based on previous chats with sales staff or chatbots. (For example, if someone asks, "How do I make coffee?" a bot may suggest purchasing various coffee pods.


Conversational marketing is an important new paradigm that’s been emerging in marketing over the past few years. It’s an evolution from digital marketing, which is still effective but is now being used alongside conversational marketing. By implementing conversational marketing, brands can create a two-way communication channel with their customers. This has numerous benefits and has become the new way of marketing in today’s world of social media, chatbots, and artificial intelligence. For businesses, conversational marketing can help create stronger relationships with customers. It can also help to build trust, create a personalised brand experience, and increase customer engagement and retention. For individuals, conversational marketing can help you to better connect with brands.

Ready to cut through the noise?

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