The Client

Gnosis is a company that manufactures and sells nutritional ingredients such as probiotics and nutritional yeasts all over the world. At the end of 2018, the company joined the international group Lesaffre.

Gnosis operates in Europe, Asia, and the United States, employing approximately 300 people and billing 800 customers annually.

Gnosis seeks to improve human health and well-being through its biotransformation processes.

Lesaffre Group, on the other hand, has been a key player in fermentation for over a century, with a 2 billion turnover and 11.000employees.

The Challenge

In the last decade, not many pharmaceutical companies have prioritized digital transformation. Some are particularly for marketing and sales purposes.

We could summarize the objectives of Gnosis in 3 main points:

1-   Increasing revenue

Increasing revenue through new clients and cross-selling among existing clients While at the same time measuring the effectiveness of Marketing and Sales actions to improve the way the company interacts with its prospects, leads, and existing clients

2-  Improving customer experience

Understanding and creating a factual and analytical view of how prospects, leads, and clients interact throughout their lengthy customer journey, while keeping in mind that Pharma companies can have very long sales cycles

3-  Digital transformation at Marketing & Sales

To achieve all the above-mentioned goals the digital transformation of both marketing and sales was mandatory. This change not only would help to know your customers better but also to provide a better customer service overall. The implementation of the tools and technology was critical in supporting performance-oriented actions.

Why is it difficult to respond to those objectives? What are the main obstacles to its evolution?

1-    Culture &Knowledge

Due to most of the processes not being digitalized, at that point in time, Gnosis was still struggling with the implementation of “digital &technology”. Seeing that digital transformation starts with the human teams first a coaching & training on the new processes was necessary.


2-   MarkTech Stack

Seeing as it is nearly impossible to measure anything if the proper systems are not in place. After establishing the proper structure, processes, and systems, we needed to equip the team with the necessary tools to manage this evolution.


3-   Long sales cycles

The longer the sales cycle, the more interactions you have with your customers, the more things to track and follow in order to be present at the right time, with the right information, to the right customer. It was critical to have a factual view of the company's customer journey in order to provide the best customer experience.


4-  Dependency on 1main acquisition channel

The Covid situation alarmed many businesses that relied heavily one vents, fairs, and physical point of sales. It was now more important than ever to be in command of the acquisition channels. Given the new remote way of working, digital channels were the obvious answer. Mastering the owned channels was critical for future expansion.

The Answer

We summarized four major needs in order to meet the business objectivesand address the main transformation challenges

1-   Implementation ofa new tool to develop the digitalization of their marketing process withmarketing automations - Integrated marketing & sales environment byimplementing a new tool

Offering assistance, coaching, and collaborating with a hands-on team toimplement an integrated marketing and sales environment that tracks customerbehavior throughout the customer journey.

2-  Training

Offering support & trainings to onboard the company’s team memberswithin their digital journey

3-  Data-driven marketing

Having a centralized view of marketing and sales performance within clear dashboards to continuously monitor and improve data-driven actions.

The Results

The following results are the result of 6 months of cooperation, with the main focus being on digital process transformation and collaboration on twoagreed-upon projects: Lead scoring optimization and process automation for the upcoming Vitafoods event


General Overview:

1-    Technical Implementation
Gnosis completed the implementation of Hubspot (CRM & Marketing Hub) whichmeans that:

  • All data from Mailchimp was imported in HubSpot
  • All online entry point were connected to and tracking in HubSpot
  • Contact profiles were setup on HubSpot
  • All landing pages were migrated
  • Implemented usage of workflows, lists, emails, forms
  • Dashboards for marketing analytics are now operational


2.     Marketing automations

The automations that were put in place:

  • All websites fully tracked by HubSpot and integrated with HubSpot     forms.
  • Automated enrichment of the potential prospects’ profiles based on     their origin of entry
  • First use case going live: Vitafoods event almost 100% connected     with HubSpot thanks to the creation of a Landing Page and prospects being     directly registered in HubSpot
  • Lead scoring went live and enabled scoring of contacts based on     marketing interactions.


3.     Adoption of the tool

How the marketing team has adopted the platform:

  • 100% autonomy in launching of newsletters, setting up workflows and     Landing Pages.
  • The Vitafoods event automatization almost completely setup by the     Gnosis team.
  • Social media posting managed via HubSpot by the team.


More details about the Projects:


1- Lead Scoring

       1.  What?
Workshop held in February with Sales and Marketing teams of Gnosis in order to build an alignment on how toqualify leads and to create a scoring system. 

  1. What was implemented

o  Workshops held in 2 occasions with sales and marketing teams

o  Collection of information and translation into scoring system and automated customer journeys

o  Implementation of the MQL scoring in HubSpot

  1. Value

o  Sales and Marketing being aligned

o  Pre-qualification of leads being automatized

o  Reduce the time of the sale’s person in pre-qualification




1.       What?

World’s Nutraceutical Event happening beginning of May. A method for automating prospect registration and follow-up, as well as focusing on qualifying leads, was required.

2.     What was implemented

  • Landing page was created to enter all prospects who visited the     stand into the HubSpot system
  • The form on the Landing Page enabled us to enrich contacts:

§  Market &/or Product interests

§  Request type (meeting, samples, info, etc…)

  • Automated emails sent directly to thank the prospects for their visit     to the stand
  • Scenarios were built based on above enrichment to qualify the leads     (via emails) for the Sales team to treat => Enabling the sales to only     focus on qualified leads.

3.    Value

  • The time between the event and import of prospects significantly reduced from an average of 3 months to just 48     hours
  • The qualification was done based on marketing automations
  • Reduced the time the Sales team needed to spend filtering all the prospects of the event

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