The Client

Latour & Petit is a Belgian real estate agency. With 6 agencies, including 3 in Brussels, Latour & Petit is a recognized agency that offers properties for rent and for sale as well as rental management and investment services.

The Challenge

Multiple targets
How to set up campaigns that generate leads for all the agency's targets? The agency has more than 4 types of clients sharing the same interests, communication channels, are sensitive to the same types of messages...

Constant flow and budget optimization
How to smoothen the flow of leads for each target, in order to have the most constant lead flow possible? The seasonality of the real estate market being strong, how to correctly allocate the budget to achieve results whatever the period?

The Answer

Lead generation
To meet the client's needs, we created an advanced strategy on Google Adwords with campaigns dedicated to each targeted profile to feed the agency with leads, following realistic KPIs defined for each target.

Constant flow and budget optimization
A system of experimentation was set up to identify the least expensive and most effective levers. This phase allowed a better management of the budget allocation. We were thus able to suggest an answer adapted to the seasonality and competition of the sector while achieving the targeted results defined together.

The Results

x860 %
Growth in monthly leads
x142 %
Growth of contact forms filled out every month

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