The Client

Silversquare is a company providing office spaces designed for professionals craving efficiency focus and opportunities to make new connections. Its coverage is over Belgium and Luxembourg. With more than 12 locations, they are the biggest network of coworking spaces and flexible office spaces in Belgium.

The Challenge

The primary goal of Silversquare was to improve lead generation results and provide quality leads to the sales team. Seeing as they planned to open new locations throughout 2022, a consistent and high-quality stream of leads was required.

Finally, a better system for marketing results monitoring and sales metrics was required to see the full potential of the investments made. The challenge resided as well in the team’s acceptation and usage of HubSpot to qualify and manage leads along the sales funnel.

The Answer

Thanks to the Hubspot marketing and sales dashboards we examined the media mix to determine the most profitable channels on which to concentrate our efforts. The most performing channels were later streamlined to improve efficiency and we could identify new revenue streams to lever throughout the years.

To ensure a smooth operation, we aligned the sales team with seasonal campaigns, pushing on the improvements of marketing-to-sales conversion rates, so that there was a constant feedback loop available and a better ROI for the whole company.

To keep track of the ongoing advertising strategy, we used HubSpot Campaigns and custom-made Dashboards. Those dashboards were used as levers by the Silversquare Marketing teams to show how Digital Activations represent half of the revenues of the company and, therefore, to increase the marketing capabilities along the way. The identification of revenue sources is key to increase the marketing impact years by years.

The Results

Digitag’s Project team is now fully part of the in-house Marketing team of Silversquare!

Within over a year of collaboration, we were able to:

  • Identify Revenue Sources and Revenue Levers thanks to HubSpot tracking.
  • Identify and lever the Marketing and Sales metrics (time to close, sources, qualification %) for better overall ROI.
  • +200% of leads generated compared to 2021 and -50% of the Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • +57% turnover participation compared to 2021
  • +1 revenue stream spotted thanks to the HubSpot Dashboards
  • Created a Long-Term collaboration based on 100% true Revenue generated.

of leads generated compared to 2021 without media budget increase
in turnover participation for the Digital sources compared to 2021
revenue stream spotted thanks to the HubSpot Dashboards

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